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Ad Agency


“At Kitch & Schreiber, we believe in branding. We know that setting a message to music can increase recall. But we also know it can backfire by coming off as “cheesy” or contrived. With Matt Gray and the crew from Gray Sky Music, we know that we can present an idea, and Matt’s team will bring that idea to life. We know we will get a high quality product that will sound great, make our clients proud and produce results in the marketplace.”




"I could not have been happier with my time spent with and the results from Matt Gray at Gray Sky Music. His professionalism, creativity, and musical abilities brought my songs to life. He did a great job of making me feel comfortable so that I could focus on playing and/or singing and he was very helpful in giving me the right suggestions to make the songs sound their best. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Matt again. Definitely an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life!"



BG Technical College - CEO

“Efficiency accompanied by courtesy is a rare combination in today’s business world. The courtesy extended to my staff during the planning sessions was impressive. They listened intently to what we wanted in a jingle and produced what we needed the first go around. Both Matt and Nicole provided detailed explanations and personal assistance when needed. Such concern is refreshing and should become more widespread. I would recommend Gray Sky Music to your organization.”




“Matt Gray exceeded my expectations as the producer of my album, Break Free. He talked with me about the project and listened to my ideas and shared some of his own. He offered helpful information and suggestions, for which I am grateful. He took the time to make this something we are both proud of, even when that meant halting production due to a vocal condition that required me to take six weeks vocal rest. He is a consummate professional and a talented musician and vocalist. He not only created the tracks for my songs, he also sang background vocals, and they sound amazing. I look forward to recording at Gray Sky Music again.”




"Working with Matt was one of the best experiences of my music career. Not only did he bring my songs to life, he gave me advice along the way and helped me grow as a musician. He is very easy to work with and will make suggestions to bring you to your full potential. Not to mention his production is excellent. I am very glad to say that my first single and album were produced by Gray Sky Music."  




"I have collaborated with Matt Gray on several projects. He has always found away to get the very best out of me. That’s my guy, what a gifted engineer. " 


International Recording Artist


"From 'nothing to something'. Let me share to you my greatest experience as an International Artist when I met Matt Gray of Gray Sky Music. At that time, me and my American Manager, Jody Hulsey of DoubleWindsor Record, were scouting and looking for a sound engineer and producer.  A friend, Aubrey Nehring, introduced me to Matt Gray. The Lord perfectly led me that day! It was such an honor and a blessings to met and work with Matt Gray as sound engineer and record producer.


Matt helped me so much.  From my first song, “I Will Rejoice”, to the successful release of my first album, “The Gospel”. It was fun and very professional to work with Matt. Working for an American Record Producer was an honor because I am a Filipino artist and it takes courage and it was a challenge with my Filipino accent. Matt coached me a lot on how to become a pro artist. I’m thankful for everything he did to make my song transform into a very dynamic and catchy style, not just a country sound thing, but the versatility of the sound from country rock, ballad, pop and Latin sound genre and more.


Matt did really a great job with all of my songs. As International artist working with an American Record Producer is part of a dream come true, knowing that only few Filipino artists have a chance to record songs that will be produced and released in United States of America.   So, if you’re looking for a professional record producer, whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can reach out to Matt Gray. By the way, you can check all my songs produced by Matt to my website or go to iTunes & Spotify. If you want to sound like a pro, then work with a pro, like Matt Gray. I recommend Matt Gray of Gray Sky Music. Thank you Gray Sky Music! "




"I have worked with Matt at Gray sky music on many different types of projects. I have been songwriting for many years. Matt's personal, professional, service was outstanding from the very start. His amazing equipment, and years of knowledge helped guide each of my projects to it's best outcome. He is an excellent communicator, making sure to keep a person informed throughout the process. As highly as I recommend his service, I recommend the person even more."   

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Old Hickory BBQ - Owner


"Gray Sky Music has helped Old Hickory grow even bigger because of the original music image they produced for us. Our name is EVERYWHERE and when folks think about great tasting BBQ they think of us first!!"


Artist Development


"Over the past two years, I have had the rare privilege of witnessing and supporting the birth of a new international Christian recording artist from the Philippines, Randy Banas.  Randy has now written and published eleven new songs produced by Matt Gray of Gray Sky Music.  Matt was recommended to us by a friend and record producer, Jody Hulsey.  Randy and I have been amazed by the unique creativity of Matt in producing music for the great diversity of styles reflected in Randy’s songs.  Randy’s styles range from Contemporary Worship, to Blues, Rock, and Christian Country including a Spanish melody and a country western Christmas song and a wedding song. We highly recommend Matt for his amazing, creative ability to produce such unique music for diverse styles.  Thanks Matt for a job well done. "

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OMU - Marketing Director


“Gray Sky Music has helped us not only create a jingle that fits us perfectly, they helped us brand a local utility with a unique and original music score. Thank You Gray Sky Music.”

Gray Sky Music Jingles Recording Studio



"Matt Gray is an exceptional singer/songwriter/musician with God given talent, and knowledge to take your project over the top! His engineering expertise is stellar, and above all, he brings out the best in everyone! Thanks Matt for your love of music, and people!"


Wax Works/KWC Project


“Let me begin by saying how much I enjoyed meeting you and your family. I am thrilled with the music for Glory Bound. It is inspirational in a way I hoped it would be, but never imagined possible. I believe this video will have people talking not just on the Kentucky Wesleyan campus, but all over the community. You were such an important part of the process that I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you!”



International Artist

Recording with the Gray's was truly a blessing for me. They are such humble people, and their expertise is refreshing.




The Turquoise Gravestones experience working with Matt from Gray Sky music was extraordinary. His musical prowess pushed the song “ Native Highway “ to the limit that we did not know it could reach. Very excited to continue our work with Matt from Gray Sky Music and to see what the future holds. As always keep rocking!!!




My name is Mitchell Douglas and I’m a current student at Northern Kentucky University right outside of Cincinnati. I’ve always loved writing and singing my own music and am just now getting into the production side of my original songs. At a first glance it always seemed to me that recording in Owensboro, KY was a long shot from having a produced song sound as legitimate as higher markets would. So I recorded in Cincinnati and looked elsewhere at the start, but still couldn’t find the sound in my music that I knew it could be. I then looked back home and thought maybe there is a possibility in Owensboro, and that leads me to Matt and Gray Sky Music. The quality in his work is second to none. The pure time and energy he puts into your music genuinely makes you feel like he cares about you as a musician and the entire process that leads to the final beautiful product. I can firmly say for the price and quality in his music, you won’t be disappointed with your experience in Owensboro, KY at Gray Sky Music. I plan on working with him for this point forward, and genuinely have a new love for my songwriting because I know the possibilities are endless with his musical and mastering abilities.

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