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About Gray Sky Music

Gray Sky Music began in 1996 as Owensboro’s first and only jingle production facility. This was the primary motivation for starting the business. The company’s Owner/Producer Matthew Gray graduated from Western Kentucky University with a BA in Broadcasting and a Minor in Music Composition in 1995. Keeping his education focused on audio and music production for use in television and advertising eventually landed him several opportunities to write theme music for television as well as work as a back-up engineer for a jingle production company in Nashville, TN. The work he did there inspired him to start his own company.

Matt has spent those years refining and polishing the professional quality of his work. That “big city” sound is the first characteristic that Gray Sky Music provides to their customers. Quality sound achieved with very little “over-head” and start up costs, allows Gray Sky Music to provide their professional jingles to clients with a lower price tag than other companies in larger advertising markets. Gray Sky Music’s personal customer service with each client and a history of 100% client satisfaction is why we have grown into one of the most sought after jingle companies around!

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Why Use a Jingle?

If you are a business, radio station, ad agency or TV production facility, Gray Sky Music can drastically improve your image or your clients image. A jingle from Gray Sky Music may very well become your single most valuable marketing tool!  Major corporations consistently rely on jingles to tap into the listener’s subconscious, making jingles a very effective marketing tool. For instance, when Sears wanted to change their image, they relied on a jingle to do the job. The jingle was “Come see the softer side of Sears.” In fact, to increase product sales, companies like Coke, J.C. Penny, Ford, Pepsi, Service Merchandise, McDonald’s, Holiday Inn, and Folgers (just to name a few) continue to revamp their jingles to keep them fresh and new.

If people can remember you and associate your product with the emotion created by your jingle, you’ve got the most powerful advertising tool available. It has been proven over and over that the human mind can remember a catchy musical tune more easily than any other form of communication. A well-composed and produced jingle, from Gray Sky Music, will accomplish this for you. After all, we’ve all hummed a jingle at sometime or another, but when was the last time you hummed to the announcer talking?

Another reason you need your jingle produced by Gray Sky Music is because you can be sure it will be original and made from scratch. Today there are hundreds of generic tunes with generic slogans. Some ad agencies and jingle companies have licensed the use of a slogan and melody to be used across the whole country. When you buy one of these stock or generic jingles, your song and slogan are being shared with other businesses that may or may not possess the same qualities that make your business unique. Meanwhile, this same generic jingle is being sold again and again and again across the country with different names inserted!!! At Gray Sky Music, we create and fine-tune your jingle to match your image and uniquely communicate to your patrons what YOU want to say!

Another very important consideration when having a jingle created is the quality of the production and the care in the writing process. We have very talented and creative writers who maintain a high level of expertise when it comes to creating a unique, catchy melody, and a musical image. A good jingle is not just a little hum-and-strum “ditty” – what is said and how it is presented is very important when it comes to a good jingle that will last. Our writers can also write the spoken part (voice-over) of your message, as well.

Gray Sky Music creates custom-made jingle packages to your specifications. You will never pay renewal, lease, or usage fees because our rates include an exclusive buyout license for your entire Nielsen Designated Market Area (DMA).